Technology is always evolving, and so are we

Our topographical survey data brings your project to life by creating a stunningly accurate and reliable digital replica.

We’ll put you
on the map

We use our aerial mapping technology to help some of the world’s leading infrastructure firms deliver projects with more efficiency and accuracy.

Building Construction

We leave traditional 
methods in the dust

Not only are we up to 400x faster than traditional methods, but we can also help you work more cost-effectively with highly detailed data.

Safety first

Our drones get the job done for you, so there’s no need to worry about sending workers into potentially dangerous environments.

Explore the uncharted

Our data capture expertise and Beyond Visual Line Of Sight exemption let us go where traditional systems just can’t reach.

Reliability is key

We know how important reliable data is when it comes to delivering projects. That’s why we guarantee that we’ll deliver up-to-date, accurate data that’s accessible for everyone.

Get the full picture with Sensat's common visualisation platform

One size doesn’t fit all

We know the importance of delivering a personalised solution that specifically fits all your needs, so you can unlock your potential and achieve more.

Our record speaks for itself

We only accept 100% when it comes to our delivery and safety record.

We’re already helping some of the world’s leading construction and infrastructure companies

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